The Global Regenerative Tourism Initiative

The Emerging Encounter

¿What is the Global Regenerative Tourism Initiative?


It is a collaborative global space, where professional, locals, entrepreneurs & change makers co-create a new understanding of the old concept of the so called Sustainable Tourism.

Its the best place, to find the future trough the new and more innovative trends, methodologies, methods. We offer new capacity buildings spaces with the leading understandings of Wholeness Thinking, Eco-social Tools for Designing Systemic Change and Organizational Regeneration, applied to the field of the “Deep Encounter” (tourism).

It’s a dynamic platform, to learn, share and research and apply better options to understand the dynamics of encounter, sense of place, flow desig, regeneration, and to improve strategic actions related to the relationship within human, natural economical, spiritual and cosmic ecology.

Everyone its invited, be part of this InitiaActive

Our Purpose

We exist to transform the flows of the current old understanding of the tourism phenomenon, into deep Encounter of Quantic Change, design to rise a regenerative applied consciousness within the 3 relationships of Regenerative Tourism ( the relationships with myself, the others and the earth). Developing the Holistic Ecology.


Applied Creativity

Join: “The Pichilemu Regenerative Tourism Design Challenge”
January 2018
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“The End of Tourism, as we know it.”

– Copenhagen

Active Learning – Global Programs, Worshops & Courses

TR Core Programs

Diseño Aplicado de TR


Next Opening Feb 2018,
Pucón – Chile

Facilitated by: Camina & TR

delicate activism course
Natural Ecology

Delicate Activism


Next Opening Abr 2018,
Pucón & Patagonia, Chile

Facilitated by: Proteus Initiative

programa liderazgo organico
Organizational Leadership

Liderazgo Orgánico


Next Opening Nov 2017,
Valdivia, Chile

Facilitate by: FLOC & Camina


for info, news, and mutual engagement 😉

Our Consultancy Experience

… cooming soon

Colaborative RESOURCE Center


  • Upload papers, links or any material related with one of the 4 knowledge spheres, 3 relationships
  • Explore used material to research, study and develop the understanding
  • Help us map inspiring projects, people and ideas around the world
  • Write your own thoughts about it

Get Involved

be a TR Initiative Reporter

Experience and Map your Regeneartive Tourism Discoveries

or a TR Initiative Researcher

Deliver a paper or your own field research of what can/have been done in this emerging colaborative understanding

or a TR Initiative Facilitator

take and offer the free trainnigs that we design and travel or settle with your own TR Craft Lab

or a TR Initiative Global Consultant

Reserch, imeplement, facilitaed and make this passion your work

we hope you make part of the Core Ring

Join the spiral of pushing forward Regenerative Tourism Beyond

Our Presensing Network


Transformative Agenda

2017 – 2018

Upcoming events 2017 – 2018

+ Costa Rica TR initiative launch – Jun 17
+ Nicaragua TR initiative launch – Sep 17
+ Chile TR initiative launch – Nov 17

Upcoming Programs, Courses & Workshops

+ Liderazgo Orgánico, Program – Nov 18
+ The Pichilemu Regenerative Tourism Design, Challenge – Jan 18
+ Diseño Aplicado Turismo Regenerativo, Workshop – Feb 18
+ Delicate Activism, Course – Apr 18